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We provide a wide range of landscape services to cover all of your landscape needs. A customized maintenance program is just the start of our full service abilities. Our services can be scheduled into an annual maintenance agreement, or treated on a separate “as needed” basis. We will go over every option available to make your property look its absolute best. Any of these services can be custom tailored to your specific needs and frequencies.

Weekly Mowing, Edging & Cleaning Services – We can handle any mowing schedule you need, on any type of turf. We use top of the line professional equipment and are experts at keeping your turf looking sharply cut on each visit.

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control - We can manage your turf health at every level. We will give you options on types of fertilization that would best fit your particular property. From organic fertilizers to more traditional slow release fertilizers, we have you covered. We will explain to you the different benefits and effects of these products, and work with you to ensure that your turf is as healthy and green as possible.

Weed Control – We are licensed turf & ornamental applicators through the Texas Department of Agriculture, with many years of experience at using the right products at the right time of year, to keep your property clean. We realize that here in Texas all properties face their own unique challenges based on their location and soil conditions. Using the proper Pre and Pos emergents will set your property apart from the rest. Your facility image is our top priority.

Turf & Plant Insect & Disease Control – Our landscape specialist will help you solve even the toughest plant pest and disease problems. We can diagnose and treat any plant pest or disease problem, and provide you with the right information and treatment option you need. Any of these issues that you may have faced on your property can be repaired and treated with the correct prevention steps, so that these issues will be eradicated for good.

Turf Aeration - Have a compaction issue on your property? From ball field issues, to just high foot traffic areas, we can give your property the golf course style treatment it may need. Turf aeration is a great service we can provide to reinvigorate your turf.

Cool Season Turf – If you are in need of Winter turf applications, we have you covered. We can customize any certain areas that you may need Winter grass, or we can cover your entire property if you like. Let us go over your options with you and make sure your get the correct cool season grass application for your facility. It’s a great way to keep green all year long.

Field Mowing – Have a field area that you are responsible for? No problem. We can put it on a regular schedule to keep it maintained at any level that you need. If you only need it serviced on an “as need” basis, then we have you covered. Your Landstar property consultant can make that issue as easy as one quick phone call or email. We can have any field, large or small, kept in check for you.

Irrigation Services – In many Texas cities today, water resources are a major concern. We can help optimize your irrigation use. Scheduled irrigation checks can be customized to your specific needs. Our irrigators will ensure that you system is running properly and in compliance with any city regulations. Irrigation inspection reports will be sent to you for each inspection performed. Giving you the up to date information you need to maximize your water usage efficiency. Any repair issues located will also be reported to you the customer, so that you will not be left in the dark as to your systems condition, and code compliance.

Irrigation Modification – If your sprinkler system is old or out dated, and in need of renovation, we have your cure. Our licensed Irrigators & techs can provide you with the modification options that are best suited for your current landscape needs. As water restrictions increase in many areas of Texas, we can give you options to make your system as conservation friendly as possible, while maintaining the ability to keep your landscape looking great. From simple head modifications, to introducing drip irrigation zones, we can help minimize the effects of drought seasons while keeping your water usage as efficient as possible, which saves you money and helps save Texas water.

New Landscape Design & Installation – If you have areas in need of complete landscape renovation, we can give you one stop shopping. From design to installation completion, we can provide you with the exact look you are striving for. New bed areas, garden renovations, and complete lawn installation, there is no project that is too small or large for us to manage for you. Our landscape specialists will carefully listen to your specific needs, and then get to work showing you how we can meet and even exceed your vision of a new renovation. We will work with you through the entire process to show you exactly how we will make your new landscape be the aesthetic and functional design best fit for your property. Everything from flowers, shrubs, trees, stone work, and much more. These projects are what we live for, and we can show you how wonderful your landscape can be.

Drainage – Proper Drainage in Texas can be a very serious issue for building, and landscape health and longevity. Whether you are in need of re-grading, French drains, or customized water disbursement, we take your drainage issues very seriously. Let us help you ensure that your landscape is draining correctly, and in a nondestructive manner for your facility.

Tree Services – Trees are such an important part of the image and spirit of a landscape. That’s why we make every effort to take care of these beautiful parts of nature. From pruning needs to insect diagnosis & treatment, we will help you get the most out of your tallest pieces of landscape. Whether you need new trees planted or dead trees removed, we will be there for all of your tree needs.

Shrubs & Flowers – Shrubs and flowers are often focal points of any Texas landscape. Landstar can supply you with spectacular seasonal flower changes that will really make your property stand out. From perennials to annual flowers, we know what will give you the look you are shooting for. We also specialize in working with native, drought tolerant shrubs and flowers. Any variety of plants that best fits your commercial image, is our specialty. Let us give you some ideas of how to achieve the look you need for your property.

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